FRAMEmotion Miami 2018

Emotion Art Experience

In this Corner
by Newsted Jason

Newsted Jason ARTWORKS

Start A War With Just Five Missiles ...??

Deaf Goya aka I Don't Know If My Head Is On My Shoulders

Sky the Limit

10 animals

Playing Well With Others

Big Fish aka Mahi- Mahi


Wink aka Proverbs 16:30

In this Corner

Parts is Parts

Men Fight aka War Paint

Leading the Noise

King Of Hearts Proto


I First Heard Purple Haze

In This Corner

It Could Kill You, But, It Just Might Cure You

It Doesn't Happen Over Night

Wink aka Proverbs 16:30

Honor Obey

The Four Humors

High Five

The Falconer

Dying To Love You aka In Between

Artwork from other artists

Manif Dire

“In the old house, Mary"

Voile d'eau

Fishing Mocos

Untitled 1/15

no title

The Brightful arrival to the point of no return

" The thing that needs to sing"

Wind piece

Feu les Indiens

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