FRAMEmotion Miami 2018

Emotion Art Experience

by Banisadr Niloufar

Banisadr Niloufar ARTWORKS

Colors of Freud (Red)

The Imprint


Iranian Spring

La Rose de Rodin


Voile d'eau

Mes Voyages, The Beginning


The Wall

Artwork from other artists

no title

“FLAT HILL of Pinza / where I went / for the sake of going / and to be there! / FOUNTAIN of Pinza! / Puddle / where I drank / on my elbows the water of the wolf!”

It Could Kill You, But, It Just Might Cure You

La Tour de Malborough/ Malborough's Tower

Big Fish aka Mahi- Mahi

Men Fight aka War Paint

In Happiness

One day at a time

High Five

In this Corner

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