FRAMEmotion Miami 2018

Emotion Art Experience

The Imprint
by Banisadr Niloufar

Banisadr Niloufar ARTWORKS

Voile d'eau

Mado's letter

The Wall


Colors of Freud (Red)

The Imprint


Iranian Spring

La Rose de Rodin

Mes Voyages, The Beginning

Artwork from other artists

“GUINDO a almofada / e axusto o nome da patria pra recompor un soño” “I TOSS the pillow / and I adjust the name of the homeland to recompose a dream”

Terraza de bar

Human & Science

Franck - Beeders project

“sustanza / da PAZ / os ceibes” “substance / of PEACE / the free”



Scary monster

“In the old house, Mary"

In Happiness

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