FRAMEmotion Miami 2018

Emotion Art Experience

The Falconer
by Newsted Jason

Newsted Jason ARTWORKS

Start A War With Just Five Missiles ...??

Deaf Goya aka I Don't Know If My Head Is On My Shoulders

Sky the Limit

10 animals

Playing Well With Others

Big Fish aka Mahi- Mahi


Wink aka Proverbs 16:30

In this Corner

Parts is Parts

Men Fight aka War Paint

Leading the Noise

King Of Hearts Proto


I First Heard Purple Haze

In This Corner

It Could Kill You, But, It Just Might Cure You

It Doesn't Happen Over Night

Wink aka Proverbs 16:30

Honor Obey

The Four Humors

High Five

The Falconer

Dying To Love You aka In Between

Artwork from other artists

The Brightful arrival to the point of no return

Botanical X - Rays

La Rose de Rodin

Fishing Mocos

One day at a time

no title

Nobody choose your destiny


I Talk with spirits


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