FRAMEmotion Miami 2018

Emotion Art Experience

" The thing that needs to sing"
by Conradie Christiaan

Conradie Christiaan ARTWORKS

" The thing that needs to sing"

“In the old house, Mary"

In the Year fourteen thousand

Artwork from other artists

Playing Well With Others

“PRADOS do Chao da Ladal! // BAixa / a / auga / durmindo” “MEADOWS of O Chao da Ladal // Flows / the / water / asleep”

“i eu sei só / a coor / do ucedo” “and I just know / the colour / of heather”

The Alzheimers Serie

La Rose de Rodin

One night at the time

Franck - Beeders project

Untitled 2/14

La Tour de Malborough/ Malborough's Tower

It Could Kill You, But, It Just Might Cure You

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