FRAMEmotion Miami 2018

Emotion Art Experience



Wink aka Proverbs 16:30
The Four Humors
The Falconer
Start A War With Just Five Missiles ...??
Sky the Limit
Playing Well With Others
Parts is Parts
Men Fight aka War Paint
Leading the Noise
King Of Hearts Proto
I First Heard Purple Haze
In This Corner
It Could Kill You, But, It Just Might Cure You
It Doesn't Happen Over Night
Honor Obey
High Five
Dying To Love You aka In Between
Deaf Goya aka I Don't Know If My Head Is On My Shoulders
10 animals
Big Fish aka Mahi- Mahi
Wink aka Proverbs 16:30
In this Corner
La Sentinelle
In Happiness
Untitled 2/14
Untitled 1/15
Untitled IV / XXVII
Untitled 4/14
Colors of Freud (Red)
The Imprint
Iranian Spring
La Rose de Rodin
Voile d'eau
Mes Voyages, The Beginning
The Wall
Fishing Mocos
Scary monster
One day at a time
One night at the time
" The thing that needs to sing"
“In the old house, Mary"
In the Year fourteen thousand
Manif Dire
Feu les Indiens

About Art

“o lume / xunta nunha / as miradas” “the fire / brings together / the gazes into one”
“PRADOS do Chao da Ladal! // BAixa / a / auga / durmindo” “MEADOWS of O Chao da Ladal // Flows / the / water / asleep”
“FLAT HILL of Pinza / where I went / for the sake of going / and to be there! / FOUNTAIN of Pinza! / Puddle / where I drank / on my elbows the water of the wolf!”
“sustanza / da PAZ / os ceibes” “substance / of PEACE / the free”
“i eu sei só / a coor / do ucedo” “and I just know / the colour / of heather”
“GUINDO a almofada / e axusto o nome da patria pra recompor un soño” “I TOSS the pillow / and I adjust the name of the homeland to recompose a dream”

Curated by 55Bellechasse

An Act of Memory serie
The Alzheimers Serie
The Haunting melody
I Talk with spirits
Wind piece
The Brightful arrival to the point of no return
Franck - Beeders project
Linda - Breeders Project
Deborah, Shelly and family
La Tour de Malborough/ Malborough's Tower
Nobody choose your destiny
no title
no title
Botanical X - Rays

Lena Roselli Gallery


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