FRAME Concept

Birth of a Concept : FRAME ArtFair

With a highly-curated group of dedicated exhibitors and their emerging and established artists, Frame unites the historic and traditional aspects of the art dealers' profession with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to the business. Currently, the Art Fair model is jeopardizing the longevity of small to medium-sized galleries and therefore the fostering of the next generation of leading artists. We see an opportunity as a collective art space to mix tradition with modernity for the benefit of the dealer and artist alike, and for the benefit of our patrons, the collectors who sustain and support us.

At its core, Frame will be an art fair of its own, within easy walking distance to the Marquee Fairs at the major Art Fair gatherings that take place around the world. Beginning with Art Basel Switzerland 2018, Frame will cater to collectors who wish to view, contemplate, study, and acquire works of art in an environment which provides some respite from the unremitting frenetic pace associated with public Art Fairs. Through offering a VIP invitation-only experience, Frame will include hours of supplemental content like dinners, panel discussions, art performances, and exhibition-only art installations. Frame’s prominence and success is rooted in the main events ability to attract the global art community to the major global fairs. We believe that Frame can and will create a complementary experience for collectors, and will represent a new business model for affiliated galleries that can produce artistic and commercial success in the continually evolving world of the international art trade.

The founders of Frame Art Fair LLC

Paris : FRAME Experience

The recent collaboration between Bertrand Scholler and Antoine Py has resulted in the creation of FRAMExperience, an association of FRAME and IF-ArtFair, two ambitious art market participants who hope to redesign some of the art market modus operandi through a single event, combining a more comfortable past and a more dynamic future.

FRAMExperience Paris, a personalized event and a laboratory for experimentation. Because Paris is already crowded with fairs, while the market is not so large, we really want to go intimate and make it the place to try all our concepts, like mixing exhibitors and relevant digital start-ups, tradition and modernity, food and music, etc.

All day long there are to be speed dating for projects, lectures and contemporary art on the walls, with daily changes of curation.

All is centred in few spaces in the heart of Paris, at walking distance from some of the most significant cultural monuments of the city, but also FIAC. FRAMExperience Paris will be the perfect place for testing and sharing new ideas and concepts, including a test of the mutual compatibility of 55Bellechasse and a new collaborator, Antoine Py, and his organization. We would expect that Paris will be a useful testing ground for both ideas and activities – and would inform significantly the decision making for what we do in Miami and then Basel, how we do it and with whom we do it.